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Laskar Pelangi
Release date: 25 September 2008 (Indonesia)Genre: DramaPlayed By: Cut Mini Theo, Ikranagara and Tora Sudiro
Story Summary FILM Laskar Pelangi (2008):
Laskar Pelangi the movie is told in the late 70's, on an island called Belitong island near the island of Sumatra. The island is rich in tin, but to exploit the country at the time. Tersebutlah a Muhammadiyah elementary school struggling to open a new class. They were given an ultimatum in order to collect a minimum of 10 students in order to survive.For Mother Muslimah (Cut Mini) and Pak Harfan (Ikranagara), it is not an easy task. SD Muhammadiyah is the first Islamic school in Belitong. The school conditions are not suitable to be used. School buildings are dilapidated with a perforated roof leaked when it rained and would arrive. Due to globalization and the need for modern education into the school shifted its existence is avoided by many people. Nevertheless, with struggling Muhammadiyah elementary school finally managed to gather 10 students to open a new class.The school, lies the curls (Zulfani), latitude (Ferdian) and Mahar (Veris Yamarno). Latitude is a bright child who was educated by the rigors of nature. Armed with reading newspapers, magazines, Lat be the smartest boy in the other. His home is situated on the coast requires far he had early in the morning to go to school. Not to mention when he had to pass through the usual crocodile wallow near normal road he passed their way to school.Curl is a child who is always curious and always trying to learn. While Mahar with a flamboyant style and the radio is worn around his neck a good figure in art. Due to the compactness of the 10 children, they eventually dubbed by Bu Mus as Laskar Pelangi. On the other hand, lies the SD PN TIN is a favorite school and are filled circles.To 10 children were tested with various trials for the continuation school in which they gain knowledge. Bu Mus kink in guiding them to make these schools remain cheerful. But after the death of Mr. Harfan, Bu Mus became upset and a little child learning not fail in teaching.What about the next story, what will happen to the children the Rainbow Warriors?
Download Movie:
Laskar Pelangi DVD RIP Part 01
Laskar Pelangi DVDRIP Part 02

Ketika Cinta Bertasbih
Release date: 17 September 2009
Genre: Drama
Played By: Kholidi Asadil A, Oki Setiana D, Alice Norin

Story Summary FILM WHEN Mix 2:

S-1 graduated from a prestigious university does not lead to Azzam had ease in all matters. He was even hesitant to get the job done right. Not to mention the sneer neighbors who think that Al-Azhar University graduates automatically become kiyahi, or a great scholar. The mother became agitated, and even told Azzam's brother, Husna to find employment, what is important from his impression work, out of the house. With the background experience for entrepreneurship in Egypt, Azzam was not discouraged to build his own business. But what about the marriage, it is always mentioned by his mother

Althafunnisa Anna, the woman he has longed for his own companions groom. While Eliana who obviously put his heart he could not accept him, because he still longed for a Muslim woman. Azzam also tried to find her moorings, although quite a lot of obstacles he faced, which then makes it almost hopeless.

Download movie:
Ketika Cinta Bertasbih 2 part1
Ketika Cinta Bertasbih 2 part 2

Sang Pemimpi
 Release date: 17 December 2009 (Indonesia)
Genre: Drama
Played By: Rendy Ahmad, Maudy Ayunda and Azwir Fitrianto

Story Summary FILM THE DREAMERS (2009):

This movie is a continuation of the Rainbow Warriors. This film tells about Curly and his cousin, Arai, and his friend, Jimbron, in adolescence, and tells the story of teenagers who find their identity and sexuality at the age of 17 years. video luna and aryl

Curls still misses his first love who have gone from the Pacific Islands, leaving only memories and a tin box bearing the image of the Eiffel tower. Aryl, a Malay-style playboy, falls in love with his classmate who seems to Zakiah Nurmala one hand clapping. Temporarily, the Jimbron daydream to save Lakshmi, a young girl who worked in a factory cincau. Together, the three try to solve the problems they face.

Download Movie:
Sang Pemimpi Part1of 7
Sang Pemimpi Part 2 of 7
Sang Pemimpi Part 3 of 7
Sang Pemimpi Part 4 of 7
Sang Pemimpi Part 5 of 7
Sang Pemimpi Part 6 of 7
Sang Pemimpi Part 7 of 7

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